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The Anatomy of a Dreaming Supplement

A Lot Has Happened In The Last 5 Months.

But How Did We Go From Business As Usual To Changing The Face Of The Entire ....

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Benefits of lucid dreaming

There’s Some Evidence That Lucid Dreaming Has Therapeutic Effects. Lucid Dreaming Might Help People...

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5 Tips For Less Stress & More Energy

Feeling Drained… Or Overwhelmed… Like Life Is Getting The Better Of You?...

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Learning How To Control Your Dreams Could Help Through Isolation

A new technique for lucid dreaming, where people are aware they are having a dream while they experience it, has been verified...

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Surprising Reasons to Get More Sleep

A lack of sleep at night can make you cranky the next day. And over time, skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood.

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Why is Claridream an essential supplement?

Adequate sleep timed appropriately during the circadian night is important for numerous biological processes and systems. New evidence suggests that both sleep timing and duration may be important for optimal bone health as well. 

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7 approved reasons to use Claridream Peace

We are entering an exciting era where the ancient wisdom distilled into the world’s traditional herbal medicines can be reinterpreted and exploited through the lens of modern science.

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Taking Back Control with Lucid Dreaming

It has now been a year since COVID-19 changed the lives of people across the globe. This unprecedented phenomenon has affected every aspect of our society, with serious social and economic repercussions that have led to higher amounts of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst all age groups and genders.

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Learning the Sleep Phases

In order to understand how Claridream’s supplements work we must first understand what happens to both the body and the mind when we sleep. The sleep cycle is actually more complex than people may realize. When we are sleeping, sleep just feels like sleep, doesn’t it?How could we know that there are in fact four (even sometimes six) sleep cycles in a single night? 

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