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This course is full of little gems that have really brought things together for me. So many important details and insights that are overlooked by other accounts of these techniques and principles. Best lucidity related purchase I have made. Thank you so much to the creators!


I have been dealing with some moderate anxiety over the past few months, and I did notice a significant reduction in my stress levels and a generally calmer mental state once I started taking Claridream Peace. I would certainly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation to my own (naturally anxious but not to the point that I need prescribed medication)

at first no signs, but then with patience

I almost used the bottle completely up now.
In the beginning I was so excited about the products and had huge expectations about the product, especially reading all the reviews.
Looking back, exactly this attitude with the huge expectations and over-excitement ruined my experience with it. I tried it 3, 4 times with no effects and let it get dusty.
Then after a while, like months or so, I gave it another shot. This time no expectations, nothing. The early frustration turned out to be my biggest guide, because it allowed me to approach it open-mindedly. And what happened? Of course, I felt the effect. It wasn't a huge explosion, but I indeed felt the intense of the dream. It was a wonderful one, which I still remember clearly to this day.
Since this true experience of Claridream I always used it, when the time felt right. Didn't force things and this way I felt I always pulled out the whole potential of the substance.
So in my case, how well I could enjoy the benefits of this substance depended all on my mental attitude. Crazy, but happy. :)

A True Quality Supplement with Amazing Potential

Having used Claridream PEACE for several weeks now, I can say that there is certainly something to it. I’ve found myself having more energy and in a better mood overall. Even after very long days, I don’t find myself to be nearly as exhausted as I used to be. I am less reactive to situations and find myself in a stronger mental state, something that is crucial for clear thoughts and decision making.

The question then becomes, is it all just placebo? Honestly, I have no idea, but this is how I’ve been looking at it: Whether or not PEACE is truly working for me, I am getting something special out of it. My mood is better and I feel like I’m giving every day my all. This has positively impacted not only myself but the people around me. And even if it is all me and not the supplement, I love knowing that I am putting amazing quality ingredients into my body. This alone is enough for me to recommend this product to anybody.

Something I would recommend is that you combine PEACE with a healthy lifestyle. This means being active, eating as healthy as possible, and being mindful of yourself and the world around you. They say that many aspects of life do not work unless you do and supplements are no exception. Put good into yourself and you will get good out.

In short, I love Claridream PEACE and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bit more energy in their lifestyle. Combined with other healthy habits, I believe this product has the potential to be a truly industry shaking supplement, all while improving lives along the way.

Awesome product

I feel so much better, calmer and no more stress, I am very surprised as I was a bit skeptical that a herbal supplement could achieve real results. However I feel this is really a breakthrough!

no worries

Tried Clari-Peace a few times now, once at half dose, and a handful of times at the full dose. Takes a while to come in to effect but it is a really nice peaceful feeling when it comes in. Taken in the morning, by noontime all those troubles just melt away. And also makes for some interesting and memorable dreams later at night. Recommend!


I only take two Claridream PEACE in the morning. Noticed that I'm very calm during the day, so much so that I don't take it every day. Unbelievable amount of dreams all night long. I wake up and record them because there are so many, too many to write down until the morning.

Amazing product!!!

The best customer service I have ever received. Thank you for the amazing product as well as the greatest customer service evet received.

Thank you,
Toronto, Canada

Updated on 2nd November

I have exciting news! Although the Claridream PRO didn't work for me initially, I kept taking it weekly in the hope that it would work eventually. Last night, after taking Claridream PRO, I had my first lucid dream which I was actually able to control. This is more than I've ever managed to achieve in the past. Previously, on the rare occasions that I've realised I'm dreaming, I've promptly lost lucidity and slipped straight back into the dream, losing all awareness that I'm dreaming. This time I was able to fly, command the dream to increase clarity AND go through a wall before I woke up. Now that I've achieved it once, I'm confident that if I keep taking the Claridream PRO then it will become a more regular occurrence. Thank you to the team at Claridream PRO for introducing such a fantastic dreaming aid to the world!

Initial reaction

Received Claridream PEACE about a week ago. On my initial intake took 4 capsules in the morning. That day I was energetic and more self-centered. Two days later I took one capsule in the morning and one just before dinner around 6PM - was still energetic and self-centered and concluded that taking 1 capsule twice per day, for me, was the correct amount. Just for grins when I woke up at 2:30 AM I decided to take 1 capsule just to find out what would happen. Turned out I had a lot of dreams-and I do mean a lot of dreams; more like very short dreams, each one different, seemingly one after the other, mixing different parts of my past together. For example; I dreamed that my Dad and I were doing "something together," which for me is extremely unusual because I cannot remember the last time I dreamed of my Dad who passed in the late 1980's. It was a fun and interesting dream; every aspect of my Dad was correct-his mannerism, dress, habits, "speech," etc. were all very correct. So far, that is all I have done with Claridream PEACE. I like the product. I will probably experiment with using it with Claridream DEEP (just for grins).

very good product -

I tested the product now for some weeks and was surprised how suddenly clear dreams appeared . It does not cause any side effects, it causes relaxation and thus, during the sleep, the unconscious mediates these clear dreams.
I can recommend it with a clear conscience.
Greetings, Raymond from Switzerland Zurich

Not what expected

This product did not work for me and gave a few side effects in the bathroom shall we say. However the team reached out and refunded which showed they really do care about there clients and product. They have better products out there.

Top drawer product, ingredients and outcomes.

This is a genuine supplement, with quality ingredients and results. Highly recommend this, and all products from this company. Thanks Chris and all the team for all your work and awesome customer service. Respect.


I've just started using claridream and I'm back to having VIVID dreams. I got it to use in combo with the lucid dreams fast track guide, so I could have more routine in my habits to eventually have lucid dreams at will. Part of my routine is meditation with crystals and I have a dream fluorite which is close in color to the claridream pill, and its my favorite color (my bedroom is purple)! So I am working inside and out to have a better insight on the different levels of reality we can experience, and using claridream to help.


This product works as advertised, dreams were incredibly vivid and would highly recommend to anybody and everybody.

Semi-lucid on the first night!

This had put me in a semi-lucid state on the very first night taking these. And I'm 39 years old and I don't dream as strong as I used to. I am very happy with these. I would recommend Claridream Pro to anyone who is interested in better sleep and lucid dreams, but bring down the price. $45 a bottle is steep.

Actually works

Before using it I wasn't really sure if it would work. The many positive reviews and a 20% off coupon kinda pressured me to try it.
Opposed to my initial, critical opinion I was pleasently surprised when I could actually remember crazy dreams in more detail.
I sadly haven't had my first lucid dream though.

This works and is definitly worth it if you want to increase the details of your dreams.


Its day 3 of taking Claridream Pro, the first night I took one pill and saw a few positive changes in my dream, but the last two nights (mornings lol) I took 2 pills and my dreams were much more vivid, I remember them more clearly, and Im having more than usual! Unfortunately Im still working through trying not to mindlessly accept everything thats happening in my dreams by doing reality checks in my awake world and continuing my dream journal, but the past two nights I have seen a major difference in dream activity when taking two pills! Thanks so much!

Sleeping treasure

A lot of precious informations.
Great !

This Gives a Great Start

I was able to understand all of the instructions. They were clearly written in language everyone should be able to understand. I know what to do and am looking forward to start dreaming.

Highly recommend it!

Followed instructions and the first night briefly experienced lucid dreaming of a topic that I focused on before I fell asleep. It wasnt until the third night that I experienced lengthy, colorful, vivid dreams and recalled them easily the next day. Very effective product!

Fast Track

I've been enjoying the materials presented in the LD Fast Track material. I like the ease of returning to the prompts, hints & suggestions. Haven't started using the meditative extras. It's a great base from which to grow. I like the ability to continue to the coursework and use it a great deal. Just wish I was at the point where I can LD on demand. Like all things that are new, I need to practise, practise & practise. Things are coming more and more to the forefront to help me stroll thru the nocturnal world.


great course for beginners or pros, thanks .

Absolutely amazing!!

I have been using this for the last few months. I normally need rx sleep aids to sleep, but not any longer. This stuff is AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeeoing and staying asleep. Plus I wake up everyday feeling refreshed. I have told so many people about these products, including my sleep specialist. He wants to try it also so he can recommend it to his patients. I absolutely LOVE this product!!!

Lucid dreaming fast track

Clear and easy to understand, nicely explained in steps with things to practice, 10 days into it I had a lucid dream which was clear, I flew much faster and higher which didn’t end suddenly like the other 2 I had previous to the program. I can recommend especially to anyone struggling to become lucid