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They work. Perhaps a little too good!

I was a bit sceptical at first I must say.
I followed the instructions and took two pills, then drifted back to sleep.
It started slowly. Then the dreams slowly got more and more insane (In terms of events).
From my personal experience, it felt like I spent at least a few days in the dream world because I had experienced so much.
One instance I was recording a movie, next instance I was washing my house and had a really big bathtub. The next instance I was in a mortal combat type of deathmatch, then I was fighting off some space invaders whilst running at the speed of a bughatti Veyron. All thanks to these doodads!
The only downside for me was that it felt like I would never wake up, of course I knew I would, but the feeling still felt intense.

Either way, they deliver what they promise! 5/5

Lucid dream

Thank you for the speed of delivery, very good product
Inccredible licorice dream.
a big thank you

Helped me achieve first Lucid Dream

Been trying to Lucid dream for months. I tried Claridream several times without results. However I kept using it and eventually did have a lucid dream. It needs to be used after 5 hours of sleep and you need to use some sort of lucid induction method before going to bed for it to work though. I visualized what I wanted to do in my dream and set a clear intention, and just like that it worked for me. It does seem to always mess up my stomach a bit, but that's a small side affect to have a lucid dream as far as I'm concerned! I highly recommend trying it out.

A bit pricey, but it really works.

I was a bit skeptical when i first read about this product, but it works like a charm! The first time i used it, i dreamt i was in bed trying to fall asleep. It was so real, i was not even aware i was dreaming.

I still believe...

I have been taking the pills every three days for the past three weeks. I’ve had one lucid dream while taking the pills which makes two in the past month. I feel like there may be some very slow, steady progress. It’s not exactly what I was expecting.

Helped a lot!

I have had lucid dreams on accident from time to time, but now I'm able to have them more often and take more control

I recommend with all my heart!

I'm delighted! Both content and graphic design are excellent! After just a few lessons, I had the longest lucid dream in my life! Everything I want to say is thank you! and I am very grateful for the work you do! greetings from Europe!

The Best Lucid Dream aid.

As most of you know, this product was on back order for a few months and this was the reason i tried everything else Amazon offers to enhance the world of dreams, as i just missed that incredible lucidity Claridream PRO gives, but nothing worked, and sure enough, the very first night i finally received my order, i got lucid. I take two purple ones (by the way, thank you for keeping it the original color!) before sleep, as it is the only way it works for me. I've tried following the label's recommendations, but it is just not the same. Love this product and will order again and again for as long as I'm here. Thank you for this nightly miracle.🙏💖🕉

Top notch dreaming

Upon first use, noticeably longer REM and increased vividness of last few dream cycles. Will continue to experiment with Claridream 👌

It’s no joke!

I’ve always dreamed often and but during the first night of trying Claridream I noticed a big difference in the brightness of color and clarity of detail in my dreams.

So far, so good

I’m having more vivid dreams but not lucid yet. But, I’m sure I’m gonna get there.


After many years of non-lucid dreaming I am trying to journal and have some lucid dreams. So far in my use of Claridream my dreams have become more vivid and recall is somewhat better. I believing that it is helping!

Awesome content! From scratch to full blown lucid dreamer!

All the information needed to get started in lucid dreaming! Altough only the academy has the social interaction and community, this still saves time reading through all the books about it.

Very good

Using IS Believing!

I was skeptical at the time of initially ordering but have not only had an overflow of dreams & REM sleep since taking your product but have awakened feeling I have gotten 10 hrs of sleep when I use ClariDream Pro after as little as 6 actual hours. I will be ordering the 3 pack or 5 pack next ordering.


Very powerful effects as promised
I strongly suggest users only try only 1/2 or 1/4 dosage for first time use. (To minimize side effects like nausea, etc.)

Best Produkt ever

It works like a swiss clock.
I love this produkt.

I’m really enjoying it! I’m having lucid dreams and I’m so into them I keep forgetting I can control them!!! 🙏

Good start

I one tried once. Went to sleep around 12, and got up 4:50 to take the pill. After took the pill I can feel there has some shift on my senses of my body. I think I took quite long time back to sleep. Had some weird dreams, and can definitely feel that I had some strength to direct it. But in the morning, my whole body still can not wake, and I felt so weak that I couldn’t get up, don’t know what’s the problem with that. So got a little worried, and a bit headache also. Maybe there is something need to upgrade?

Restocked My Claridream PRO supply!

High quality, fresh and natural ingredients that work! What more could you ask for?

Couldn't tolerate

I'm sure many people have great results, but I could not take it. It left me too drowsy the next day. It's not really the fault of the product. I have that reaction to many different products.

Aweseome tool ^_^ All in 1

Dear Dreamers,

It took a while to send this review, cause I had to get a good look at all that Information. I am still going threw the programm. It seems like the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track has all the Information you need to get started and even go beyond that. I like the sound and Video Media a lot, more of that would be great but not necessary. Its easy to find specific information if you like to reread something special, because you have a lot of sections and topics.

And at the Bottom of each section you have a little Quiz that helps you to remember the Infos you hust read. I actually found myself in the position that I overread a whole part and the Question brought me back to that chapter- What was that again with being aware?! xD

I am very happy with that product. I hope it evolves from time to time.

Lovely Greeting,
yours Sonbaii

Claridream Peace pretty much does what it says on the tin. I've been suffering with depression and anxiety for the past three months, i had no energy and i felt like an emotionless robot. After taking Claridream Peace i feel like myself again,confident,comfortable and i'm smiling again.


I am very happy with this product. I have only taken it twice so far. No lucid dreams yet, but both times I had very vivid, long, memorable dreams. I will definately continue using this product along with lucid dream techniques. And the customer service team is wonderful with fixing any issues and answering questions. Very pleased.

Solid course

It will learn you everything important but it's obvious you need to practice!