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Great service and great product that convinced a skeptic

I was skeptical, but after 3 of the most consistently, non-stop lucid dreams ever, I'm convinced. I've previously been half-heartedly dabbling in lucid dreaming, and maybe once a month or so I might have dreams comparable to what I've just experienced 3 times in a row. In my dream I was looking through my "old artworks" which I'm now going to try to re-create in reality.

Oh, and when COVID delayed production, though no fault of their own the Claridream folks kept in touch and gave me double the order.

Just what I was looking for

Clear, vivid and more memorable dreams! Try it for yourself :)

Sorry, I haven't yet received the product

Starting the Dreaming Lifestyle!

I so love this product! I have had really good success with my dream study that I am learning to do, and didn't with other products! It is now a monthly buy for me! So glad I found this

Helps me get proper sleep as well as dream

I have been having interesting dreams when on this product. More important it helps me relax and get back to sleep when I wake up in middle of night or morning which is recommended time to take the product. We all can use more sleep, especially with more vivid dreams.


I've been taking these pills about once a week for a month now. They work great! I tried taking them 2x a week or even once every other day, but this greatly dulled the effects. I had EXTREMELY vivid dreams when I did 1x a week. The only thing is that I'll get weird stomach queasiness as soon as I take it at night until the next day, but I think it's worth it. I've had semi-lucid dreams, but as for last night as an example, I couldn't even fully believe it was a dream because of how real everything looked and felt (it was also my first WILD without even trying)!

Immersive Clear Dreams

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased the product, but I have to say I am more than pleased. I take two pills a couple times a week, and each night after I take them I have immense dream recall! I felt like I had traversed the multiverse and was a part of all these action movies. I could remember 5-6 dreams per night, where I usually only remember one or two. Also the next day I could wake up early and felt so so refreshed, and motivated to learn and be active. I haven’t been able to lucid dream yet, but I’m also a beginner so that plays a large part. Great product!

Great Customer Service

I tried Clairidream Pro desiring dream recall. I took one dose and found I’m allergic to it.

Although I cannot take this, I was able to return my 2nd unopened bottle for credit.

The customer service is exceptional!

Lucid dream on 2nd night!

Combined with techniques like MILD or Wake Back to Bed, I believe this product will increase lucid dream frequency and length of the dream. Fast shipping, too!

I really like it

Very good product.

It lives up to the hype.

Awesome Product!!!

Works just as advertised. Very clear and vivid dreams. My wife even woke up from a dream and then fell right back to sleep and the dream picked up where it left off before she woke up. How cool is that? I will buy it again in the future.

Great Product!!!

Works as described.


The pills give you this relax feeling. If you stop and then take them for a couple of days, you'll start to feel calm and full of energy again. I recommend this product.

I've noticed more lucid dreaming in the morning.

Nice product!

These create a calm feeling. Would use in combination with yoga and or meditation.

I never recieved my bottle!

Hi, I just wanted to say that I never recieved my bottle of Claridream Peace in the mail, so I can't review your product, only your customer service,
or lack thereof. When I called to report this issue, at least two weeks ago, no person was available to answer the phone, and no one haa responded to my voice mail since then. Between the lack of delivery of my order, and the lack of response to my complaint, I'm left with no choice but to leave a one star review as my feedback.


Great product definitely worth it

claridream peace

I haven't noticed a strong significant change. But I do seem to be sleeping fairly well and remembering my dreams again a bit more clearly. My biggest issue is that I don't remember to take it every day.

Everything fine :)

Did not notice it at first, but I actually do sleep more soundly after taking this at night. I don't have anxiety issues, but it works for sleep. It's a high-quality supplement. I have taken Ashwagandha before, which is AWESOME for sleep and relaxation, and its contained in this product.

More vivid and memorable dreams

I've used it 5 different nights so far, twice it really helped making my dreams vivid and remembered, once helped a little, but not as vivid and two other times not much impact. I'm still trying to figure out how long to wait between taking them, just one time per week seems to working better. Overall I really like Claridream and look forward to its help in lucid dreaming.

Love it


Recommend it.

At peace everytime!

I've been taking this on and off throughout the month & it does wonders for my mental health!

Claridream PEACE - 1 Month Supply

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