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It seems to work. no lucid dreams yet. However, vivid dreams which I tend to remember when I wake up. Good product.


If you follow the instructions it does help remember dreams!

6 lucid dreams in one night!

The title says it all really but I had 6 lucid dreams that night after using CDP for the first time ever! Amazing!!
- Lana Sackwild (Get Lucid With Lana)


As a long time practicer of dreaming... and always striving to remember my dreams... and to practice better and better lucid dreaming.... I was BLOWN AWAY by how well ClariDream works!!! I first used the technique of going to sleep for 4-5 hours, waking up and going back to sleep in the mid-80
s when I used the material in "Seth Speaks". Also, I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist so I understand and use the technique of fractionation.

Always up to try something new in the dream arena, I couldn't wait to order this supplement and try it.... I was in Mexico City and ordered it online... knowing I would have it in Santa Barbara when I got home in a week.

So the first night I tried it I had dream upon dream upon dream upon dream!! And in each successive dream I would say to myself (about the previous dream)..."Oh, that was a dream." I am still working on lucid dreaming, using ClariDream, as I believe once you understand you can 'be awake' in your dreams, understand in that moment that you ARE dreaming, then you can best begin to start manipulating that dream.... designing it, as if you were in a magic land and whatever you decided to bring into it, whatever you decided would happen next, DOES happen!!! This is very powerful as you can begin to bring any knowledge back from the sleep ethers!

So, I fully give this product a triple thumbs up!!! I am being very careful with it and ONLY take it, at the most, once a week,,,, or maybe waiting 10 days... to be sure I have nothing to do the next day.... that I'm in a good mood... that I know no one is going to disturb this practice. I take my dream play (work!) very seriously and I am thrilled I have found this supplement.

I love ClariDream! Thank you Chris for sharing it!

J. Davis
Santa Barbara

Works as described

The first time I took Clarifeam pro I had a very vivid dream that I remembered in the morning and every time I use it I get great results. A highly recommended product.

Effective; Good for helping lucid dreams occur

After taking the pills as instructed (after 5 hours of sleep) and going back to bed, my dreams are twice as vivid and easy to notice. I've gotten close to having lucid dreams but every time it happens I accidentally try to move my real body instead of my dream body and wake up, but I find it easy to go back to sleep and dream again after waking (as I fall asleep, more colors and patterns appear before my eyes than usual, and I can nearly feel myself being pulled into my mental world). I find it helps to get involved with the dream scenario instead of trying to change it directly (continuing your current activity while increasing awareness).

I always wanted one of these

Ever since watching the movie Inception, I've always wanted to have one of these, and now I do. I have a little trouble getting it to spin because of my long nails and because it's a bit slippery, but sometimes it spins for over a minute!

Awesome to have my own totem!

I absolutely love it. The product arrived safely and since then it sits in my pocket almost all the time to remind me to do my reality checks. As a huge fan of the movie Inception, it means even more to me. Thank you! :)

First totem not disappointed

This is my first time using a reality check totem and I can say I’m very content with it. The top spins well and proves to be very durable considering I’ve dropped it a million times without leaving a scratch. It took quite a long time to deliver and it’s kind of uncomfortable sitting in my pocket, but it serves as a great reminder at all times to do my reality check.

Love it

When I opened the package, first thought was: it’s small. But then I used it and, actually, I enjoy using it every day. I like it. I use it to do my reality checks. Thank you!

Effects on a practiced lucid dreamer

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I've been practicing lucid dreaming as well as meditation for 3 years now. first and foremost I'd like to say that this product exceeded my expectations significantly. My first night using it I was consistently lucid from the time I fell back asleep, through multiple awakenings until finally getting out of bed. They weren't kidding when they mentioned dream vividness increasing. In one night, I did everything from parkour over rooftops, travel FTL through space and visit planets built by my subconscious to visiting my childhood dogs who've sinced passed. Despite knowing it wasn't really them, they behaved just as I'd imagined they would including small details I'd thought I'd forgotten about.

Onto the product! It lives up to it's advertising about increasing dream clarity, I am more likely (though not flawlessly) able to lucid dream on them with a success rate of about 70% so far after using a third of the pills; up from my normal 20-30%. Where it really shines is in dream recall and the quality and length of these lucid dreams. My usual ones typically only last 20-30 minutes, sometimes a little longer. Though time can be difficult to judge exactly.

There is one minor downside that shouldn't affect most people. I'm a very light sleeper, something as simple as a mosquito hovering close to me or my wife breathing a little louder than usual will keep me awake.

That being said, these pills seem to have a stimulating affect that often makes it take longer for me to fall back asleep, sometimes up to a few hours. Because of this, I typically won't use them if I have to work the next day.

For best use, don't use them on consecutive nights as you won't get the same boost the second time around.

Reality Check totem

Great! Love it. I give it a spin before bed ;)

A nice toy

If you are a inception's fan, is a reproduction of famous spinner; good balance and reasonable spinning time. No cannon ball finishing, only plain steel.
I don't really know is it's good as a reality check, must try for a while.

a willing assistant to aid in plunging me into the depths of my subconscious

Reality Check Totem

Well balanced little tops that spin as advertised.

Very cool

It's interesting how it could help in the process of LD, and in general it's cool to have, it's like symbol for open minded people

Works like a dream!

Great little RC piece. Made it's way into my dreams on the first night.

Just perfect

The Totem is great for doing frequent reality checks. Definitely better than timer. It’s really handy and you can keep it in your pocket during the day and it’s also fun to use. Besides, it’s made of high quality metal, the finish is nice and smooth. Highly recommended.

It's a definite dream booster.

This definitely gave me a lucidity boost, I have some experience with quite a few lucid dreams already although I've not practiced in a while. I followed the supplement directions and had the most prolonged lucid dreams I've had in my life. When one would end I'd go right into another, it seems my awareness was amplified. Definitely the best lucid dreaming supplement I've tried (not that I've tried very many)

Claridream PEACE

Amazing product made an instant difference to energy and mindfulness. Motivation and a general feeling of things going to go well. In other words let your personality shine by not being held back by any negativity. Fully recommend this great product and the three bottle supply was a great deal! Thanks guys for making such an awesome product that actually makes a difference to our wellbeing!

They work. Perhaps a little too good!

I was a bit sceptical at first I must say.
I followed the instructions and took two pills, then drifted back to sleep.
It started slowly. Then the dreams slowly got more and more insane (In terms of events).
From my personal experience, it felt like I spent at least a few days in the dream world because I had experienced so much.
One instance I was recording a movie, next instance I was washing my house and had a really big bathtub. The next instance I was in a mortal combat type of deathmatch, then I was fighting off some space invaders whilst running at the speed of a bughatti Veyron. All thanks to these doodads!
The only downside for me was that it felt like I would never wake up, of course I knew I would, but the feeling still felt intense.

Either way, they deliver what they promise! 5/5

Lucid dream

Thank you for the speed of delivery, very good product
Inccredible licorice dream.
a big thank you

Helped me achieve first Lucid Dream

Been trying to Lucid dream for months. I tried Claridream several times without results. However I kept using it and eventually did have a lucid dream. It needs to be used after 5 hours of sleep and you need to use some sort of lucid induction method before going to bed for it to work though. I visualized what I wanted to do in my dream and set a clear intention, and just like that it worked for me. It does seem to always mess up my stomach a bit, but that's a small side affect to have a lucid dream as far as I'm concerned! I highly recommend trying it out.

A bit pricey, but it really works.

I was a bit skeptical when i first read about this product, but it works like a charm! The first time i used it, i dreamt i was in bed trying to fall asleep. It was so real, i was not even aware i was dreaming.

I still believe...

I have been taking the pills every three days for the past three weeks. I’ve had one lucid dream while taking the pills which makes two in the past month. I feel like there may be some very slow, steady progress. It’s not exactly what I was expecting.