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Claridream PRO Thoughts!

Wow. Over the past few months, I've had some really cool experiences with Claridream PRO. I've had my longest lucid dreams thanks to this nifty supplement and it's crazy how much more vivid things become. The only downside is that I shouldn't use this more than once a week because it's so powerful! All in all, it's an amazing supplement that's supported my lucid dreaming adventure!

Works as intended but...

Make sure you have the time and have a normal sleep schedule. It didn't work for me the first time because I had recently changed my sleep schedule and I couldn't go back to sleep after waking up 5 hours to take the pills. I just laid in bed for 2 hours. I tried again a week after with a normal sleep schedule and it worked! I had very vivid dreams and even a lucid one!

Didn't work for me but so helpful

The company was a joy to deal with and tried to help me with suggestions; even upping to 3 pills didn't work, alas, and they cheerfully refunded my purchase. I'm glad I tried it!

It works!

I followed the exercises and had my first lucid dream about six days into my practice. Now I am trying to get more consistent with having them. which like any skill takes practice. I sure appreciate the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track for helping me on my way!


Had intense visual en fysical sensation, even when i wasn’t fully asleep yet! Curious about futere use :)

Mixed results so far but early days

I’ve tried Claridream three times and had mixed results. I took one tablet the first two times and most definitely had a noticeable clarity and vibrancy to my dreams that isn’t usually there however it was quite short lived. The third time I tried two tablets and didn’t really notice any effect at all. I’m open to this being circumstance etc and will be trying again at which point I hope to come back with a more thorough review!

Good Class

This is a good class with interesting information. I was confused thinking it included the Claridream supplement but it doesn’t. That is only in the pro version.

Great Utility

This was so much better than I thought it'd be ! I had a fly-lucid dream at the 3rd week of doing one lesson per day (if that's unimpressive: I hadn't had any for months before that despite obsessing). Really like the tools too, so useful !


When I started, I suddenly began dreaming every night, no lucid dreams at the beginning, but they'll follow, I promise!


It taught me more things about lucid dreaming. Great product.

It works

I received Claridream pro a few days ago after a long period of waiting and some difficultys in customs. I was smitten with the colour 😀. And yes, I tried it. I observed some dream images and I thought "Ha, it works! ".

Very good

Definitely worth it

It works

Follow the directions

My first experience with Claridream pro

I had a lucid dream the first night that i took Claridream pro. This was very unexpected because i had stopped practicing Lucid dreaming techniques for at least a week and hadn't become lucid in about the same amount of time. When i became lucid i was inside a bank and i left the bank onto a high street and i could immediately tell that the dream characters had more of an individual personality than usual. I didnt need to do any steps to stabilize the dream which i usually do, i felt like the Claridream pro had auto-Stabilized the dream for me and made everything more vivid. At a later point in the dream it was very dark and i could see the sun on the horizon behind some clouds. i thought i need the sun to shine over this place so that I can see where i am and so that the dream is bright and colourful. I then put my hand in front of me focused on the sun and slowly raised my hand into the air. As my hand raised so did the sun until it was high in the sky and the dreamscape became covered in light. I looked around and i was standing on beautiful floating islands in the sky. I wanted to get a better view of this place so i started flying upwards to get higher ground and i looked to my left and there was a giant purple wizard-like tower. i got to the top and it towered over the world below. I looked around and i had never before witnessed a dreamscape so colourful and amazing. I never anticipated how amazing this product would be. 5/5

So great!

Very informative and so easily explained!

Better than I thought

I love reading about lucid dreaming but so far everything you read on the internet seems to be always the same, I wanted to buy fast track for a while but was scared it would be the same, but is not! It has things and techniques about lucid dreaming I’ve never read before I higly recommend it if you are decided to have your first lucid dream.


Hey! I used claridream pro last week (1st time) and this night (2nd time).
I have to say that I'm a little disappointed at the moment, because this product has not caused me any lucid dream nor remember them better. But in both times i have had dreams about very intense colors, like fluorescent (and, for some reason, I recognized these colors within the dream, like "hey, are u looking for this color? it's awesome, etc..."), and in the second pill I was thinking that they would appear, (and it has been). I usually have some lucid dreams, but a month and a half ago I do not have, I expected Claridream pro to help me to have them again, but nothing for now. I really hope this works, I will have patience (I use it with awake-and-go-to-sleep technique). Thanks for your attention!

Want a Review?

You want a review? Well NO not giving you one. If I write exactly what I think of this product and everyone who reads it believes me you will completely sell out and I will not be able to get any more for ages. So NO, I totally refuse to tell,
it's an absolute secret !!


Incredible results! I've never had a dream like this before.

Great Company

Wonderful and easy experience with this company

Sandman's little helper

The trickiest part is getting the technique right. The first time I tried it I was too excited to fall back asleep! It's effects are extraordinary. I felt a shift in my psych about 20 minutes in, then fell asleep. I didn't lucid dream, however the length and detail far exceeded those of a regular night. 10/10 would recommend. Great job guys!!!

Amazing product

Just within 1 week of purchasing this product I have had 2 lucid dreams and I’m looking forward to many more to comw

Claridresm Pro

I only gave this product a 3 because I I don’t have enough experience with it to rate it higher.
I am pretty new to lucid dreaming. I only discovered the practice in early October 2018. I have not yet had a lucid dream but I think I have been close on a couple of occasions.
I have only used this product 3 times since my initial purchase. The first time I really didn’t notice any difference from my normal dreams. The second time I had a dream after taking two capsules and I did have a dream that was significantly more vivid and detailed than my normal dreams. This dream was one of my dreams where I felt after waking that I was right on the edge of lucidity. I was quite satisfied with that result. The third time about a week later I tried it again. Again I noticed my dreams after taking the capsules were more vivid but not quite as much as the previous attempt. I will keep trying with this product as an aid and see where it takes me, I am optimistic.


Bought this on sale for $19, full of information I’ve never heard before and takes you step by step. Wish it had more audio tracks though.

Wonderful product!

Really awesome results, had some really vivid dreams! Still a newbie to lucid dreaming but this product is definitely helps with dream recall and vividness!