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Superhuman Optimisation System - Claridream

Superhuman Optimisation System

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“How To Raise Your Vibrations And Become A ‘Superhuman’, In Just A Few Weeks”

The Superhuman Optimisation System is a detailed action plan to transform your life, raise your frequency and create your new reality.

You’ll learn proven ‘biohacks’, body/mind alignment techniques, psychological principles, law of attraction concepts, habit formation methods, and much more.

This program is designed to TRANSFORM your life in just a few weeks. If you follow this, you’ll be able to unlock a version of yourself that will seem like a ‘superhuman’ (The truth is you’ve ALWAYS had the ability to feel this way, but you’re forgotten your true power!)

This program is different to almost every other personal growth program out there, because it leverages proven psychological principles, stacks concepts and habits on top of each other, and makes the process fun and even addicting. You won’t just focus on one area of personal growth, you’ll improve everything, without the frustration or ‘guesswork’


Split into 10 core modules, this high quality video course will show you EXACTLY what to change or practice, and how it works. You’ll learn only the most effective, proven and powerful concepts that can REALLY transform your life and how you feel!

This is essentially like the BLUEPRINT I would have given myself, if I could go back in time, and meet myself. If I could go and meet the depressed, low energy version of myself 10 years ago, I’d give him this course and tell him to follow it every day for 90 days!


What You’ll Learn In The Superhuman Optimisation System


Module 1: Diet Optimisation

  • How to optimise the foods you eat to give you more energy and strength without any mid afternoon ‘slump’. I explain the importance of diet, why you feel tired after eating (and how to avoid it), the best ‘diet’ with the most research behind it and how it works! I also uncover how you can use intermittent fasting to increase your energy levels, how to optimise your hormones, and much more
  • Some of the secret vitamins, nootropics and minerals that high performing CEOs and athletes use that can unlock ‘genius mode’ in your brain. These will help you enter flow state in just a few minutes. This is the state where creativity and focus are NATURAL and easy!

Module 2: Improved Sleep

  • A detailed module on sleep and why it’s so important. By optimising your sleep you can uncover hidden energy reserves, lucid dream more, increase dream recall, and speed up muscle recovery (Or recover faster from injuries). Sleep affects almost everything else, and EVERYONE can improve their sleep, and should!
  • Learn how to protect your retinas from the one thing that CRIPPLES your deep sleep quality. If you still feel tired despite sleeping for ‘enough hours’, this is probably why. Learn how to change that and actually track it properly, and claim your deep sleep back!
  • The optimum bedroom setup for deeper sleep, more vivid and profound dreams, faster recovery and pineal gland activation. If This is actually stuff that they don’t teach, and it’s hard to figure out on your own without rigorously testing what works for years
  • A proven system for falling asleep faster: The fastest and most reliable way to fall asleep really quickly, anywhere. Even if you’re not really tired, follow this masterclass and you’ll be out like a light. This is based on a military technique that enables soldiers to fall asleep even when they’re not tired, comfortable or safe

Module 3: Exercise and Movement

  • Learn how your PHYSICAL body affects your energetic and astral bodies. This is an important lesson that will show you how to connect everything together seamlessly. Certain physical movements and exercises can unlock muscular and nervous system ‘holding patterns’ keeping you STUCK and depressed!
  • Yoga masterclass: There’s a reason yoga is so popular among ‘spiritual’ people. It really affects your vibrations and energy in a profound way.
  • The importance and science of going outside in the sunlight, and how it can increase your energy. Learn the best time to go outside, optimum sun exposure duration and much more. This will let you get benefits from multiple ‘biohacks’ at the same time!

Module 4: Meditation Masterclass

  • Learn the powerful benefits of meditation and the most effective technique. By meditating, I’ve been able to drastically lower my stress levels, and achieve a high level of calmness and self awareness, even in really stressful or frustrating situations!
  • Specifically how to meditate to open your third eye and raise your vibrations. This masterclass walks you through a breathing technique that will shift your experience to be more relaxed, and open your pineal gland
  • The secret tool you can use that lets you experience the benefits of 1 hour of meditation in just 4 minutes. This is something that really changed the game for me, and let me get big meditation benefits even when I’m in a rush

Module 5: Tracking Your Triggers

  • The profound benefits of keeping a journal and tracking your personal and spiritual growth. This affects not just what you remember, but also how your subconscious mind actually BRINGS you new experiences and realities (based on what you recall, and in what way)
  • How to accurately track and learn the ‘triggers’ that make you feel sad, depressed, happy, excited or peaceful! Once you know specifically what’s causing you to feel ‘low vibration’, you can change it more easily!

Module 6: Cold Water Therapy

  • Learn how to raise your vibrations with alternating cold water therapy, and the correct (safest) way to do it. With cold water, you can tap into your most fundamental physiology and biology, and optimise your body and mind connection
  • You’ll experience faster recovery times, a strengthened immune system and stronger willpower if you follow this mini challenge. It’s not for everyone but if you do it, you’ll feel MUCH better!

Module 7: Conscious Thoughts And Self Love

  • Learn the true manifesting power of a single thought, and how you can use this to your advantage to ‘attract the good life’. I’ve been able to DRASTICALLY change my life using these principles, going from broke and depressed to peaceful, happy and financially free
  • Law of attraction concepts revealed: Learn how to create your own reality and dream life based on a clear vision and idea. I guide you through several affirmations and mantras that can shift your intent and focus to transform your life
  • Positive Immersion Challenge: A bonus challenge program where you immerse yourself in positive energy, thoughts, ideas and situations. These unique suggestions and challenges will ‘force’ you to feel positive until it becomes completely natural for you!


Module 8: The ‘Unstoppable’ Morning Routine

  • Learn how to use a ‘habit stacking’ and addictive morning routine to change your life and set yourself up right, every single day. This morning routine will let you wake up as early as you want without feeling tired, and get you on the ‘fast track’ to success
  • The ULTIMATE Morning Routine Template: In this video we go through creating the perfect morning routine that will help keep you healthy, slow down the ageing process, increase your energy and give you more focus

Module 9: Flow State Secrets

  • In this module we explore how to easily and effectively access ‘flow state’. This is a beautiful state where the two hemispheres of your brain are synchronised and in harmony, allowing you to experience enhanced focus and creativity
  • Learn several powerful ‘flow state triggers’ that will propel you into this state of mind, and let you unleash your creativity or focus like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless’! (I seriously have people ask me every week how I’m able to focus so clearly, and get so much done!)

Module 10: The Big Picture

  • Learn how all of this fits together, and can transform your life faster. This can seem like a lot of information, but if you follow this action plan, it’s like I’m there with you, guiding you every step of the way.
  • I’ve structured the course in such a way that you’ll get lots of ‘quick wins’ and catch lots of ‘low hanging fruit’ as you go through the course. Small things that can make a BIG difference to how you feel and to your vibrations.


“Are You Ready To Start The Superhuman Optimisation System?

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