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Claridream PRO

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Do you even remember your dreams any more?

As children we used to have long, fantastic dreams filled with excitement and emotion.

But somehow - as adults in our modern world - we've become disconnected from them!

Claridream PRO will help you remember and re-connect with your dreams - in full color.

Dream Recall

We all know that we dream every night. Right?

But most people end up struggling to understand where their dreams go.

Why don't we remember our dreams anymore?

In honesty, the answer is a lack of mindfulness and awareness of the sleep process. There are well known techniques that will increase dream recall - such as keeping a dream journal, for example.

But these techniques take time before they will pay off.

Claridream PRO will help make your dreams so vivid and colorful that your mind has no choice but to remember them!

Clear Dreams

You've probably woken up many times knowing you dreamt during the night - but the level of detail is hazy and unclear. 

Seemingly distant and just out of reach.

Sound familiar?

A truly clear dream can be life changing.

A dream as bright, colorful and real as any other day of your life.

The active ingredients in Claridream PRO will help remove that misty haze from around the edge of your dreams.

(and make you say WOW when you wake up in the morning)

Colorful Dreams

A truly bright, high definition, full color dream is profound.

I'm talking rich hues of red, deep shades of blue and intensely bright yellows.

You know those colors you get when you press on the back of your eyelids?

Imagine that - but multiplied by about 100x.

That's where the rainbow colors of the Claridream PRO logo are born from.

Lucid Dreams

And the ultimate dream is a truly lucid dream.

In a lucid dream, you are aware you are dreaming whilst the dream is occurring.

And sometimes you will even have full control of your actions inside the dream world!

Many people experience short lucid dreams naturally from time to time. But lucid dreaming is also a learnable skill!

Once proficient, you can choose to fly, visit alien civilizations, practice skills, tackle phobias and examine your own fears and insecurities - all in the peace and security of your own sleeping mind.

Claridream PRO will dramatically increase your chances of having a lucid dream! 


Customer Reviews

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Great supplement for who looking for lucid experience

Okay, its been more than three months after i purchased this supplement. The first time i use it really give me lucid dream, yes you know you are dreaming and you can control what you want to in your dream. But the second time of using I didn’t get anything and i know what’s the problem, because i use it 2 days after the first time use. So I repeated it consumes this supplement every 2 days but never get lucid dream. So I stopped to use it again, i thought it just a placebo effect. 2 months after I stopped using it, i start to use it again then yes, this time really lucid dream i want, i fly to anywhere i want, and it so instant to get there like teleport or warp speed star trek effect. Then i stop till next week use it again and get lucid again. I am weekly user now. Just like they told you, use it in non consecutive day, don’t use it daily or every 2 days because the effect of the supplement still in your body. It should completely gone then you can use it again. It is not daily, seems this supplement is too strong for my body than dreamleaf pro, i never get single lucid from it. The big problem after I consumed this my body get nausea all day so i use it at weekend only. And, for information, it takes long time to get you go to sleep and become lucid after you consume this. It is not an instant like you take med. for me, it takes maybe 1 hour to get me fall to sleep and become lucid because i need to wait the supplement works then i can fall into sleep. When my body feels like vibration all over my body, feel dizzy, that means the supplement is working now. Maybe you can change the capsule cap faster to ingest by body. Now, i can lucid every weekend, just curious how to AP after that like some other people did. The most fun doing this is when i was in dreaming i know i am dreaming and i told my self, I believe I’m dreaming now. Now i want to open my eyes, then i open my eyes and fall to sleep again and in my dream i said, see? I am dreaming, right? Soo funny. Good job claridream, i hope i can lucid dream everyday using your product 😬 Gimme extra bottle for my review ah! Sure your supplement give me as a very skeptical person to have a nice lucid experience.

Alternate Life Experiences

At 78, I take two of these a week instead of the one as prescribed. I only get Lucid Dreams on occasion, but I have waking dreams every morning since I started in on this product and expect I will eventually experience recurring lucidity as the present experience mirrors the same progression of my younger days of dreaming. I've also given out a half dozen of these to relatives and they make for interesting gifts for continuing feedback

Never mind red or blue, I’ll take them damn purple pills!

These are interesting, with a sound technique alongside I have achieved lucid dreams! And I have also experienced colourful non lucid dreams. As a support to dreaming in general these definitely help, they seem to bring that ever elusive window of lucidity within arms reach!


Wish I could rate the delivery process as high as the actual product. .. but the delivery took exactly 30 days from ordering.
The product however was nothing short of miraculous. Experienced a vivid lucid dream state almost instantaneously. It's the first time I've taken a product and achieved desired results as purported. Bravo!!!

Works a treat

I'm not one to remember any dreams at all, and I did find this product worked very well, even better than Silene Capensis tincture. I'm having involved and complex dreams and now it's the complexity that I have a hard time capturing as opposed to getting nothing at all.