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Do you even remember your dreams any more?

As children we used to have long, fantastic dreams filled with excitement and emotion.

But somehow - as adults in our modern world - we've become disconnected from them!

Claridream PRO will help you remember and re-connect with your dreams - in full color.

Dream Recall

We all know that we dream every night. Right?

But most people end up struggling to understand where their dreams go.

Why don't we remember our dreams anymore?

In honesty, the answer is a lack of mindfulness and awareness of the sleep process. There are well known techniques that will increase dream recall - such as keeping a dream journal, for example.

But these techniques take time before they will pay off.

Claridream PRO will help make your dreams so vivid and colorful that your mind has no choice but to remember them!

Clear Dreams

You've probably woken up many times knowing you dreamt during the night - but the level of detail is hazy and unclear. 

Seemingly distant and just out of reach.

Sound familiar?

A truly clear dream can be life changing.

A dream as bright, colorful and real as any other day of your life.

The active ingredients in Claridream PRO will help remove that misty haze from around the edge of your dreams.

(and make you say WOW when you wake up in the morning)

Colorful Dreams

A truly bright, high definition, full color dream is profound.

I'm talking rich hues of red, deep shades of blue and intensely bright yellows.

You know those colors you get when you press on the back of your eyelids?

Imagine that - but multiplied by about 100x.

That's where the rainbow colors of the Claridream PRO logo are born from.

Lucid Dreams

And the ultimate dream is a truly lucid dream.

In a lucid dream, you are aware you are dreaming whilst the dream is occurring.

And sometimes you will even have full control of your actions inside the dream world!

Many people experience short lucid dreams naturally from time to time. But lucid dreaming is also a learnable skill!

Once proficient, you can choose to fly, visit alien civilizations, practice skills, tackle phobias and examine your own fears and insecurities - all in the peace and security of your own sleeping mind.

Claridream PRO will dramatically increase your chances of having a lucid dream! 


Customer Reviews

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Amazing dreams almost nightly

From the first night of taking Claridream, I am having crazy, wild interesting dreams. My most common dream theme right now is flying ! With lockdown restrictions going on, taking Claridream adds interest to my life - even if it happens when I’m asleep !


i have good dreams very clear for a message for me. better. yes i would buy again.


It's amazing product. I tried and saw lucid dream. It was so cool!

Claridream Pro Enables You To Take Full Control Over Your Dreams And Your Life, Too

Claridream Pro is a miraculous and extraordinarily unique product. I have learned how to strongly influence and even change my dreams to almost anything I want them to be. For example, in combination with the exercises provided to use with the product, I can fly anytime and anywhere when dreaming. This is particularly important especially when you experience nightmares and other unpleasant dream activities. Also, I have learned how to handle other dream characters and surroundings to be amicable to achieve positive and inviting dream results. In addition, I have practiced successfully in applying magical techniques along with connecting and communicating with paranormal entities as well as spherical incorporeal beings. Furthermore, I discovered that I could walk through solid walls or other barriers, fly fluidly through ceilings, and floors. Too, I never learned how to swim, but in dreams I’m able to fly over large bodies of water and when on the water I can gracefully coast across the surface of the water without fear. There is an inexhaustible number of applications and personal experiences I can give in this Review, but it would be information overload.

For the remainder of this Review, I will cite some specific examples from my dream experiences when using Claridream Pro. One, I determined that I could transform almost any object or thing in the dream into something else. For example, if a violent dream character wants to harm me or another dream character, I am able to change their weapons into harmless objects, ie, a rifle into a spaghetti noodle. Plain paper into money, wax fruit into fresh fruit, old worn out clothing into stylish apparel, broken objects into fully functional brand new objects, peas into eloquent pieces of jewelry, and much, much more. Two, I learned how to engage other dream characters to have full conversations and exchanges of thought and ideas with me. Sometimes dream characters may be very troubled so I try to appease them by offering them something they may strongly want or desire. For example, if a dream character is a pauper, he/she typically needs money, food, shelter, and friends to brighten their lives. So I will use magic to give them whatever they want. Three, I have no fear of falling in a dream because even if I’m pushed off a high cliff, I end up flying in midstream. Four, I realized that I could expertly play nearly any instrument with no effort at all. I have in dreams played pieces that I have never even heard before. Five, some of my dreams brought me into high celestial places where angels, saints, and various other sacred figures live. These are usually my best experiences because when I’m in them I have a complete feeling of ecstasy and sublimity. An incomparable feeling of absolute peace, harmony, and well-being. The celestial bodies are spectacularly beautiful, colorful, vivacious and springing with pure pleasure, joy, love, and happiness without limit or end. Six, numerous loved ones who has already transitioned into the ephemeral and ethereal spheres have interacted with me in countless ways in my dreams. Sometimes they tell me how happy and fulfilled they are. Other times, some may ask for my help because they are dissatisfied with the sphere or astral plane they live in. I always reassure them that I will do whatever I can to help them and seek members of Providence to have mercy on them and relocate them to a happier place. Usually, they come back to tell me that they are doing much better and to give thanks. Seven, Claridream Pro super-performs whenever I want to redesign the dream surroundings and even change the dream characters into more enlightened, friendly, passionate, desirable individuals. Males and females are interchangeable, the type, style, and colors of the furniture and other objects can be modified, a stormy day in a bleak place can be changed to a sunny day with delightful scenery and beautiful objects. The possibilities are unending.

Finally, it took me years to learn how to differentiate vivid dreams from actual souls that come to interact intimately with me. For the last 16 years many souls have been making verbal and physical exchanges with me. They are not dream characters. They are living fluid vessels that have varying interests in keeping company with me. In short, in many circles, these realities have qualified me as a sort of Medium, so I have been told.

Thank you for inviting me to write this Review.
My apologies to you all for the lengthiness of it.

Great service and great product that convinced a skeptic

I was skeptical, but after 3 of the most consistently, non-stop lucid dreams ever, I'm convinced. I've previously been half-heartedly dabbling in lucid dreaming, and maybe once a month or so I might have dreams comparable to what I've just experienced 3 times in a row. In my dream I was looking through my "old artworks" which I'm now going to try to re-create in reality.

Oh, and when COVID delayed production, though no fault of their own the Claridream folks kept in touch and gave me double the order.

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