Lucid Breakthrough System – Claridream
Lucid Breakthrough System - Claridream

Lucid Breakthrough System

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“How To Lucid Dream Fast Without Any Frustration (Even If Nothing Else You’ve Tried Has Worked)”

PROVEN TO WORK: Our lucid dreaming courses are based on proven, researched techniques and psychological concepts. Learn exactly what to practice to FORCE yourself to lucid dream, so you can experience the impossible within a few nights, and then FOREVER!

HAVE A LUCID BREAKTHROUGH: Learn the major things STOPPING you from having regular, beautiful and powerful lucid dreams every night, and how to avoid those mistakes

​EASY TO FOLLOW: Step by step process, where I walk you through the EXACT order you should learn and practice things. Each lesson has PDF notes, audio version, suggested reading and homework. Go through it at your own pace, even in just a few minutes every day!

RESULTS GUARANTEED: This video course is focused one ONE main thing: Getting you to lucid dream reliably, and regularly (EVEN if you’ve never done it before). If you aren’t 100% happy, get a full refund up to 60 days from now!

MEMBERS AREA ACCESS: Full unlimited access to the Lucid Breakthrough Course members area, including all future updates and improvements. Learn at your own pace, and finally master lucid dreams! (Value $1497) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid ‘Dream Optimisation’ Journal Tracking Templates. Use our highly effective lucid dream journal tracking templates to track over time which things make a different to you getting lucid! (Value $57) 

FREE BONUS: PDF Summary Notes For Each Module. Printable, downloadable PDF summary notes for each video lesson/module to help you consolidate your learning! (Value $47) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid ‘Power Affirmations’. A custom set of powerful lucid dreamers affirmations (the ones I personally use every day) to train your subconscious mind to become more powerful in the lucid dream! (Value $47) 

FREE BONUS: 100 Things to Try In Lucid Dreams. Exciting breakdown of the most unusual and mind blowing things you can try in your next lucid dream! (Value $47) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid Supplement Blueprint. Learn advanced supplement and technique combinations and concepts to take lucid dreaming to a whole new level.  (Value $47) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid Adventure Blueprint. A complete PDF manual about how to create, control, design and experience your ideal dream scenes  (Value $47) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid Dreamers Morning Routine. My personal lucid dreamers morning routine that you can print out and follow to get more regular lucid dreams!  (Value $27) 

FREE BONUS: Lucid Motivation Graphics Pack. A beautifully designed ‘graphics pack’ full of screensavers, wallpapers, lockscreens and more to motivate you to do reality checks!  (Value $27) 

FREE BONUS: Meditation For Dreams. A best selling Ebook I wrote showing you specific meditation routines and techniques for lucid dreams and lucid living  (Value $47) 

What You’ll LEARN In The Lucid Breakthrough Course

Learn exactly WHY you’ve struggled to lucid dream before, and what causes a technique to work or FAIL, so you can avoid making those mistakes again, and ACTUALLY lucid dream fast

The one thing that’s helped more of my students than ANYTHING ELSE, and how you can apply this in your life today

What lucid dreaming REALLY is and how it works in the brain, so you can better understand how it works and what you’re trying to achieve

​How to work out how long it will take you to have your first (or NEXT) lucid dream so you can set your expectations right!

The REAL way to do reality checks that you’re not doing yet! Learn how to get INSIDE your reality checks, and BURN them into your mind so they always show up and make you lucid

The BEST times to do reality checks to make sure they help you get lucid, and WHY most reality checks you do WILL NOT show up in your dreams! (Unless you do this thing)

The CRITICAL mistake you’re making with your reality checks that causes them to just NOT do anything and not make you lucid!

The difference between ‘short term’ and ‘long term’ techniques, and how to use BOTH in the right way to lucid dream on autopilot, in a way that IMPROVES your sleep quality

​A technique I created that’s so effective, it can give you up to 4 lucid dreams in one night (but it makes you tired the next day, that’s the catch for that one!)

What your first lucid dream will FEEL like, so you can get inspired, motivated and excited to continue learning. I’ll also show you how to KNOW for sure whether you’ve had a lucid dream or not

How to have ‘EMERGENCY lucid dreams’ with a guaranteed technique (the catch is that it’ll make you tired the next day, but it WORKS) so that you can take lucid dreaming for a ‘test drive’

​How to easily stack the ‘odds’ in your favor, so that your brain and environment HELP you lucid dream, and it’s easier TO lucid dream than not to lucid dream. (This will save you lots of time and wasted effort at night)

Why you need to keep track of things and how to keep a dream journal the right way (Doing this right will give you a 50% boost in the number of dreams you can recall, and they’ll be more vivid too!

Fix your BROKEN mindset about lucid dreaming, and change the beliefs you can’t see (Your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back)

​Lucid dreaming TECHNIQUES MASTERCLASS: In depth tutorials on WBTB, WILD, 90ILD and more where I share unique twists and upgrades for these techniques to make them more effective

How to use my lucid tracking template to get really ‘nerdy’ about your lucid dreams, and KNOW EXACTLY what’s stopping you from having reliable lucid dreams (also, a free template is included in this course for you to fill in and use)

​5+ simple and powerful techniques to REMEMBER more dreams in incredible detail, so you’ll never miss another lucid memory again

The crippling ‘Lucid dreamers momentum trap’ – Every day that goes by it becomes LESS likely you’ll lucid dream unless you do this one thing! (I’ll show you how to change that in just a few hours)

​How to put it all together, and what to practice every day (With a focus on DIFFERENT and UNUSUAL ways of doing what you’ve been trying already so you’ll lucid dream)

​Plus lots more secret stuff!

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