Dream Recall Program – Claridream
Dream Recall Program - Claridream

Dream Recall Program

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“HAVING BLURRY DREAMS? Here’s How You Can UNLOCK Your Dream Memory, Remember 5 Times As Many Dreams, AND Make Your Dreams More VIVID, In Just A Few Short Days”

Your Dreams Are VERY Important…

You know that, BUT:

Here are two very important facts.

1: We ALL dream EVERY night


2: With a little bit of practice, we can REMEMBER those dreams, and make them more VIVID

So, I’d like to tell you about something really special:

I’ve spent a long time researching and putting together the most EFFECTIVE tips, tricks and methods that will help you remember more dreams. Not only that, but I’ve also compiled over 50 ‘sleep hacking’ tips that will MASSIVELY improve your sleep. 

- Several proven memory improvement methods specifically for lucid dreaming and remembering more dreams

- Never forget another profound lucid dream again, so you can always experience awesome things in your mind

- Learn how to go BACK INTO your dreams (lucid or normal) once you’ve woken up, and explore the vivid detail all over again! (This is great for recreating those special experiences)

- TRY IT NOW, RISK FREE: Instant access to the PDF download so you can start improving your dream recall today. There’s also a 60 day money-back guarantee

- A secret memory trick that lets you memorize a list of 150 WORDS in 3 minutes or less, so you never have to forget important things again!

- FREE BONUS: Order now and get a free BONUS ebook ‘Sleep Hacker’, worth $47! The program shows you over 50 powerful ways to enhance, optimise and improve your sleep quality!


What You’ll Learn In The Dream Recall Guide

  • A highly effective ‘mind hack’ you can do while you’re still in bed to remember 6 times as many dreams, just by closing your eyes and doing this!
  • The proper way to THINK about dreams and dream recall: Almost everyone gets this part completely wrong, and as a result don’t remember any dreams properly..
  • A brand new, revolutionary way of keeping a dream journal and writing your dreams down that lets you ALWAYS find the dream you’re looking for, and remember far more than ever before (as well as be able to find/remember dreams from years ago in just a few seconds)
  • Learn why you’ve been approaching dream recall all wrong, and how to fix it in just 4 days or less!
  • How to use a strange subliminal messaging soundtrack to let you unlock your mind, remember more and feel better: This alone is a very powerful method that is usually only available in very expensive memory courses and training sessions..
  • A highly effective thing you can do while you’re still in bed to remember 6 times as many dreams, just by closing your eyes and doing it
  • An effective way to change your mindset about dream recall that will make everything to do with memory finally make sense for you.
  • The technique for capturing dream memories forever in a mind capsule: This will be massively beneficial when it comes to writing your dreams down and living the adventures again later on..
  • Learn the surprising reason your dream memories FADE as soon as you wake up, and what to do about it!
  • The weird way to calm your body in order to fall asleep faster that you can do in just a few minutes
  • A way you can LAY DOWN during the day and remember dreams as if they’d just happened
  • How to use ‘REM fragmentation’ to experience SEVERAL vivid dreams every night, and recall them easily
  • Plus loads more!

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