Our Story

We founded Claridream to address a glaring problem.

On one hand we had supplement companies, pumping out dreaming pills with no respect for how effective mental exercises could be.

On the other hand, we had lucid dreaming gurus and educators hyping their amazing e-courses - and completely missing out how powerful and effective dreaming supplements actually are.

Claridream is the world's first company to promote complete lucid dreaming systems: supplements and education together - not in isolation.

Our 3 core values:

  • Transparency - we will never hide behind a "Proprietary Blend" (a type of label in the supplements industry that hides the exact amount of ingredients in the bottle)
  • Full Dosage - our products will always be strong and include effective amounts of the active ingredients. We will never skimp on dose to reduce cost.
  • Education - we promote complete dreaming systems - supplements and education together, not in isolation.

Who we are:

Chris Hammond - Founder

A lifelong martial artist and mindfulness practitioner, Chris is fascinated by lucid dreaming as a vehicle for self introspection, self improvement and creativity.

He still remembers his first consciously invoked lucid dream, which involved the careful inspection of a giant, inert rubber 'weeble' - covered in tiny little rubbery antennae.

He also appreciates a barbecue.


Daniel Love - Co-Founder

Daniel Love is an internationally respected dream researcher, author and futurist.

Daniel approaches lucid dreaming from a rational, scientific and modern perspective - dispensing with the usual commercial-spiritualism that so often taints the subject.

He wishes to offer an antidote to fuzzy, new-age thinking and instead turn the focus towards our exciting future and the true marvels of the human mind - embracing the human spirit for exploration and discovery.


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