Reality Check Totem

Reality Check Totem

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Reality check totem from the movie Inception!

Perfectly weighted and balanced to spin for maximum time. This high quality metal totem has been custom engineered and forged from lightweight brushed zinc – for maximum durability and a tarnish free surface.

This totem is made to last a lifetime. It will never fail and comes with a 50 year guarantee!

Keep it in Your Pocket.

Simply carrying this 4cm totem in your pocket can act as a valuable reminder to perform a reality check. 

Customer Reviews

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I always wanted one of these

Ever since watching the movie Inception, I've always wanted to have one of these, and now I do. I have a little trouble getting it to spin because of my long nails and because it's a bit slippery, but sometimes it spins for over a minute!

Awesome to have my own totem!

I absolutely love it. The product arrived safely and since then it sits in my pocket almost all the time to remind me to do my reality checks. As a huge fan of the movie Inception, it means even more to me. Thank you! :)

First totem not disappointed

This is my first time using a reality check totem and I can say I’m very content with it. The top spins well and proves to be very durable considering I’ve dropped it a million times without leaving a scratch. It took quite a long time to deliver and it’s kind of uncomfortable sitting in my pocket, but it serves as a great reminder at all times to do my reality check.

Love it

When I opened the package, first thought was: it’s small. But then I used it and, actually, I enjoy using it every day. I like it. I use it to do my reality checks. Thank you!

Reality Check totem

Great! Love it. I give it a spin before bed ;)