Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track
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You will join over 5,000 satisfied customers who have used our online platform to teach themselves the art of dream control since 2013.

The course is broken down into 10-minute lessons each night.

And since it's a beautiful, responsive platform, you can learn on your tablet or mobile from the comfort of your couch in the evenings (we suggest a chamomile tea to go with it!).

Here’s a sample of what is covered:

  • Deep relaxation - an essential precursor to dream incubation.
  • Effective visualization - to create intricate dreamscapes while you're lying awake in bed.
  • Dream chaining - how to lucidly re-enter a dream from which you've just awoken.
  • False Awakenings - step by step techniques to convert them into lucid dreams.
  • Nightmares - how to stop them and turn them to lucid dreams.
  • Self Hypnosis - how you can plant the initial seeds of lucidity.
  • Program Dreams in Advance - how to seed your desired dreamscape or dream plot.
  • Summoning Dream Characters - and using your dreaming imagination to play with them.
  • Seeking Wisdom From Your Subconscious - how to communicate with the inner awareness behind your dreams.
  • Lucid Dream Therapy - how to help with anxiety, depression and phobias.
  • Digitally mastered hypnosis and meditation audios - to support your training and help you relax

When your order comes through, you'll be emailed login details to get unlimited lifetime access to all 30 modules of our platform.

And look - your purchase is risk free:

If you don't like the course, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track goes particularly well with Claridream PRO - the world's best lucid dreaming supplement.

Customer Reviews

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lucid dreaming...

easy to follow and have success, keep it up.

Very helpful

I'm taking my time with it but enjoying and learning. My dreams at times are soooo amazing! Love learning. Thanks.

Lucid dreaming from a former lucid dreamer

I am a former lucid dreamer. When I was lucid dreaming, there was no defined formal study of lucid dreaming so I had no idea that that was I was doing.. I traveled everywhere and made friends on earth and in the alien world. For some reason, my lucid dreaming stopped. On occasion I would reconnect with my lucid dreaming friends and be scolded for abandoning them. It has been a while but I an hoping that Lucid Dreaming Fast Track will get me back on track to help me find my friends again. I am slowly taking the course and so far so good. I will provide more feedback as I advance.


Excellent! The most comprehensive source on the subject. Providing references for further research and development.

Very good. Very helpful!

Great information, and layout! My only complaint would be that the course was a little too expensive. However, very helpful. I was able to start having lucid dreams by applying the techniques. Still working to get better at it, but the course got me rolling pretty quickly!