Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

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You will join over 5,000 satisfied customers who have used our online platform to teach themselves the art of dream control since 2013.

The course is broken down into 10-minute lessons each night.

And since it's a beautiful, responsive platform, you can learn on your tablet or mobile from the comfort of your couch in the evenings (we suggest a chamomile tea to go with it!).

Here’s a sample of what is covered:

  • Deep relaxation - an essential precursor to dream incubation.
  • Effective visualization - to create intricate dreamscapes while you're lying awake in bed.
  • Dream chaining - how to lucidly re-enter a dream from which you've just awoken.
  • False Awakenings - step by step techniques to convert them into lucid dreams.
  • Nightmares - how to stop them and turn them to lucid dreams.
  • Self Hypnosis - how you can plant the initial seeds of lucidity.
  • Program Dreams in Advance - how to seed your desired dreamscape or dream plot.
  • Summoning Dream Characters - and using your dreaming imagination to play with them.
  • Seeking Wisdom From Your Subconscious - how to communicate with the inner awareness behind your dreams.
  • Lucid Dream Therapy - how to help with anxiety, depression and phobias.
  • Digitally mastered hypnosis and meditation audios - to support your training and help you relax

When your order comes through, you'll be emailed login details to get unlimited lifetime access to all 30 modules of our platform.

And look - your purchase is risk free:

If you don't like the course, just let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome content! From scratch to full blown lucid dreamer!

All the information needed to get started in lucid dreaming! Altough only the academy has the social interaction and community, this still saves time reading through all the books about it.

Aweseome tool ^_^ All in 1

Dear Dreamers,

It took a while to send this review, cause I had to get a good look at all that Information. I am still going threw the programm. It seems like the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track has all the Information you need to get started and even go beyond that. I like the sound and Video Media a lot, more of that would be great but not necessary. Its easy to find specific information if you like to reread something special, because you have a lot of sections and topics.

And at the Bottom of each section you have a little Quiz that helps you to remember the Infos you hust read. I actually found myself in the position that I overread a whole part and the Question brought me back to that chapter- What was that again with being aware?! xD

I am very happy with that product. I hope it evolves from time to time.

Lovely Greeting,
yours Sonbaii

Solid course

It will learn you everything important but it's obvious you need to practice!

A wonderful resource for lucid dreaming

Everything you could and should know about lucid dreaming can be found in this course. With dedication, mastering lucid dreaming can be pretty straight forward. If you don’t procrastinate or are too busy, using this course for a month probably guarantees at least one lucid dream. I haven’t had one yet, most likely because of my schedule and horrible procrastination tendencies.

Still Problems with WILD

Hello, I'm pursuing Lucid Dreaming for 2 years now. I have at least 3 Lucid Dreams every week. But even after 2 years still didn't manage to get a single WILD. This problem is the reason why I bought your online course. I hoped to gain some additional knowledge about lucid dreaming on demand. But sadly it didn't help me. I had some false awakenings and sometimes I see some hypnagogic colours and mostly light changes. Can you give me any additional advice for finally reaching wake induced lucid dreaming? Except for that you have a great course which saves beginners lots of time and research. I also love your website it's really amazing!

With kind regards,
Julian Gnirs