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Do you even remember your dreams any more?

As children we used to have long, fantastic dreams filled with excitement and emotion.

But somehow - as adults in our modern world - we've become disconnected from them!

Claridream PRO will help you remember and re-connect with your dreams - in full color.

Dream Recall

We all know that we dream every night. Right?

But most people end up struggling to understand where their dreams go.

Why don't we remember our dreams anymore?

In honesty, the answer is a lack of mindfulness and awareness of the sleep process. There are well known techniques that will increase dream recall - such as keeping a dream journal, for example.

But these techniques take time before they will pay off.

Claridream PRO will help make your dreams so vivid and colorful that your mind has no choice but to remember them!

Clear Dreams

You've probably woken up many times knowing you dreamt during the night - but the level of detail is hazy and unclear. 

Seemingly distant and just out of reach.

Sound familiar?

A truly clear dream can be life changing.

A dream as bright, colorful and real as any other day of your life.

The active ingredients in Claridream PRO will help remove that misty haze from around the edge of your dreams.

(and make you say WOW when you wake up in the morning)

Colorful Dreams

A truly bright, high definition, full color dream is profound.

I'm talking rich hues of red, deep shades of blue and intensely bright yellows.

You know those colors you get when you press on the back of your eyelids?

Imagine that - but multiplied by about 100x.

That's where the rainbow colors of the Claridream PRO logo are born from.

Lucid Dreams

And the ultimate dream is a truly lucid dream.

In a lucid dream, you are aware you are dreaming whilst the dream is occurring.

And sometimes you will even have full control of your actions inside the dream world!

Many people experience short lucid dreams naturally from time to time. But lucid dreaming is also a learnable skill!

Once proficient, you can choose to fly, visit alien civilizations, practice skills, tackle phobias and examine your own fears and insecurities - all in the peace and security of your own sleeping mind.

Claridream PRO will dramatically increase your chances of having a lucid dream! 


Customer Reviews

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Very pleased!

For over I year I have stopped remembering dreams. The first time I tried your product I remembered a very long, vivid dream. I have looked up all of the dosages for the ingredients and I don't understand why I can only take it once a week. Can you explain? Thanks

Hi Lynda! The once per week suggestion is more of a general recommendation. Because the half-life of Huperzine-A is quite long, for the best experience, limit use to 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive nights.
Very vivid dreams

Claridream PRO helps me have very vivid dreams, sometimes even lucid dreams. It is an excellent product. Highly recommended.

I am real!#!

I am an average person that has lived my life like many of you reading this I have travled to now homes worked at a job and made mistakes so hear me out as I have one thing to say. I promise that it is a fact I have had reevaluated my perspectives on life because of dreams I had while taking this and even further more I know it can't be a placebo cause I gave my friend some and didnt tell him what they were for just that they were supplements and he told me his greatest dream!

Searching for a theory of mind

As a relatively new lucid dreamer (⅔ months), I discovered WoLD as a terrific resource for knowledge and dream enhancing molecules. After a spontaneous lucid dream and some reading, I embarked on this journey and found it fascinating. So far I only had two self-induced lucid dreams (of which one was very brief), but I still found this so incredible that I wish to continue this practice indefinitely.

As for the supplement: It definitely helps to make dreams as vivid as possible, so that’s terrific. To become lucid, working on techniques is key though. Everything you pay attention to grows, so dreaming has to become part of your daily brain shaping rituals.

It is an interesting time to be into mysticism. Although, the materialistic worldview remains dominant, more and more clues are popping up that the cosmos cannot be dumb, mindless and random. Really, could a mindless universe be the source of our boundless imaginative minds? A lucid dreamer knows better...