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Claridream DEEP
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How much time do you spend tossing and turning restlessly?

And how often do you have truly deep, restorative sleep?

The kind where you wake up and say 'I slept like a log!'

Not as much as you used to - right?

I mean, it's not a big ask.

All you really want is a healthy, restful sleep.

And that’s exactly why we formulated Claridream DEEP.

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Deep Sleep

Our unique herbal blend supports increased 'slow wave' or 'deep' sleep phases.

Take Claridream DEEP 20 minutes before bedtime and imagine yourself positioned on a magic carpet headed directly for the sleep world.

The only choice you need to make is whether to ride it there straight away - or relax in bed for a while first.

Wake Refreshed

We know you want to wake up, open your eyes and smile whilst the light of a bright new day pours in.

By promoting a natural circadian rhythm, Claridream DEEP helps you to wake feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead!

Promotes Dream Intricacy

We didn’t want Claridream DEEP to be just about deep and restful sleep. We wanted that sleep to be laced with natural dreams too.

Our unique dream herb formula helps support improved dream recall and increased dream intricacy! †

Note: Mugwort is not suitable if you are pregnant or lactating.

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Customer Reviews

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It works

I sleeped better and dreamt more frequently

Fantastic product - quality ingredients

I have take various natural supplements for years now and all of claridreams supplements work. Highly recommend this product, with no side affects whatsoever.

Claridream Deep is by far the best and most gentle sleep aids available

I have tried many over the counter and natural sleep aids. Claridream Deep is by far the best and most gentle sleep aids available.

Quality Sleep and Dreams

Simply amazing. Best quality sleep that i can always rely on, and my dreams are more clear, vivid, and meaningful then ever. So glad this product was created!
I got a great nights sleep!!!!! 1st time in months.

thank you, it has made a real positive thing in my life,

This is a great product for sleeping and you will have intense vivd

This is a great product for sleeping and you will have intense vivd dreams possibly lucid. I have tried the dosage twice and it works, just takes a few hours after getting up to have the effects wear off. This may be due to the melatonin. But Valerian is good for dreams also. the Artimesia Annua was unfamiliar so I researched it, mugwort, sweet wormwood, good for different things but mostly known as the source of Absinthe.