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Claridream DEEP
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how claridream deep works

How much time do you spend tossing and turning restlessly?

And how often do you have truly deep, restorative sleep?

The kind where you wake up and say 'I slept like a log!'

Not as much as you used to - right?

I mean, it's not a big ask.

All you really want is a healthy, restful sleep.

And that’s exactly why we formulated Claridream DEEP.

claridream deep ingredients

Deep Sleep

Our unique herbal blend supports increased 'slow wave' or 'deep' sleep phases.

Take Claridream DEEP 20 minutes before bedtime and imagine yourself positioned on a magic carpet headed directly for the sleep world.

The only choice you need to make is whether to ride it there straight away - or relax in bed for a while first.

Wake Refreshed

We know you want to wake up, open your eyes and smile whilst the light of a bright new day pours in.

By promoting a natural circadian rhythm, Claridream DEEP helps you to wake feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead!

Promotes Dream Intricacy

We didn’t want Claridream DEEP to be just about deep and restful sleep. We wanted that sleep to be laced with natural dreams too.

Our unique dream herb formula helps support improved dream recall and increased dream intricacy! †

Note: Mugwort is not suitable if you are pregnant or lactating.


Customer Reviews

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Vivid dreams

Tried Claridream DEEP as I've been trying to adjust my sleep schedule due to shift work. Generally it's tossing and turning for an hour or more but I was able to drift off very easily in no time. Also had some amazingly vivid dreams I could clearly recall. Awesome product, 10/10!

Sweet dreams.

Deep has put me out like a light on the nights that I have taken it and I have also noticed a marked increase in my dream recall on those nights as well. In the morning I have woken up fresh and ready to go without the drowsiness that I have experienced with other sleeping supplements and with a dream journal full of vivid dream to boot. Excellent product!

Great stuff

Was really a great experience. It was easy to take, worked great too. Earlier I was having just ok sleep, but I find myself looking forward to going to bed every night. Overall a real great product. I would recommend this to anyone. 10/10 guys, great work

Relaxing sleep, Great dream recall

I have been using Claridream Deep every second night for a couple of weeks now and feel it is helping with getting to sleep and and possibly a deeper more refreshing sleep. Early days but pleased with the results so far. I am using 2 caps per night and it is also helping with dream recall and especially in the first few hours of the night.

Many dreams, longer and more vivid

I have tried Claridream DEEP. so far on two occasions, the first was so many dreams that I had that night that I could not remember them all, what I remember was the level of liveliness of them, which was very high. In the second week I tried it, I also remembered more dreams than any normal night, and they were as long and vivid as a movie, the colors were extraordinary. I'm really enjoying it.