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  • FALL ASLEEP FAST. Zen liquid capsules help you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY. Get the sound sleep you need so that you can take on tomorrow
  • WAKE REFRESHED. Wake refreshed. Ensure 7-8 hours of time to get a sufficient night sleep

Customer Reviews

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Austin K.

I can’t believe how well these worked. Sleeping pills and things to help me sleep haven’t been very helpful in the past. So being skeptical I took 2x the dosage. I ate 4 of the gummies instead of two. I figured it would help me get a much needed nap and instead it might as well have caused me to go into a coma. Lol. I took them around 11:00am and after 5 times of trying to get me up my wife gave up. It’s now 3:00 and we have to go to a dinner at her parents house but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to drive. I don’t know what you guys created but...I’m a huge fan. Knocked me right out!
P.S. Only take the correct amount.

Adalia Zombiepants Chastain
These are great!

I was a little skeptical due to the fact that other sleep aids tend to make me feel moody and fidgety like I have restless leg syndrome right before knocking me out. I was pleasantly surprised when these just kinda lightly lull you to sleep and I didn't have any issues. I did still wake up a few times, like normal, but I was able to quickly go back to sleep and woke up actually feeling refreshed. Love the taste too!


First of all these taste amazing! I would eat them as candy so I was absolutely shocked when they actually worked so well!!! I am sometimes such a restless sleeper and toss and turn for hours. I took 2 of these before bed and was sound asleep within 45 minutes! I woke up to my alarm in the morning so rested and it felt great to have a full night sleep! Highly recommend!!!

worked for me

worked for me

Alana (Northridge, United States)
The search for the perfect sleep aid stops here!

I am so happy to write this review! I Actually went back on the website just 2 days after receiving Zen with an intention to leave my review (not something I usually do, but felt strongly about it and wanted other customers to have my unbiased opinion, haha), but couldn't find a way to do it.
Here it goes! I have never slept better in my life!!!! I will be buying this wonder sleep aid in bulk, haha, because of all the brands I've tried, nothing ever gave me what Zen does:
1. I was asleep within minutes!
2. I slept through the night!
3. I had incredibly colorful and meaningful dreams with Full recall in the morning even after I've gotten out of bed!!!
AND 4. I was fully awake after my morning alarm went off (so, no grogginess whatsoever)!
This product is AMAZING!! Everything I've tried so far from this website has been a great hit for me and I Highly recommend Zen especially, because restful, deep sleep is the best cure for anything that ails us, be it physical or emotional. Very grateful for this product! As I said, ordering this in bulk is my next step, haha!

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