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Do you even remember your dreams any more?

As children we used to have long, fantastic dreams filled with excitement and emotion.

But somehow - as adults in our modern world - we've become disconnected from them!

Claridream PRO will help you remember and re-connect with your dreams - in full color.

Claridream PRO uses a scientifically backed blend of 4 individual dream herb extracts.

The mixture of passion flower and valerian root will increase GABA levels. Meanwhile the club moss extract and choline will simultaneously increase levels of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

This combination is unique to our blend and will help to re-unite you with your lost dreams - and all the insight that they contain.

Dream Recall

We all know that we dream every night. Right?

But most people end up struggling to understand where their dreams go.

Why don't we remember our dreams anymore?

In honesty, the answer is a lack of mindfulness and awareness of the sleep process. There are well known techniques that will increase dream recall - such as keeping a dream journal, for example.

But these techniques take time before they will pay off.

Claridream PRO will literally make your dreams so vivid and colorful that your mind has no choice but to remember them!

Clear Dreams

You've probably woken up many times knowing you dreamt during the night - but the level of detail is hazy and unclear. 

Seemingly distant and just out of reach.

Sound familiar?

A truly clear dream can be life changing.

A dream as bright, colorful and real as any other day of your life.

Many of the world’s greatest inventions resulted from clear, vivid dreams - that left the inventors in no doubt when they woke up.

The active ingredients in Claridream PRO will remove that misty haze from around the edge of your dreams.

(and make you say WOW when you wake up in the morning)

Colorful Dreams

Chinese Club Moss extract (Huperzine-A) is renowned for its influence on the colorfulness of dreams.

I'm talking rich hues of red, deep shades of blue and intensely bright yellows.

You know those colors you get when you press on the back of your eyelids?

Imagine that - but multiplied by about 100x.

This is where the rainbow colors of the Claridream PRO logo were born from.

Lucid Dreams

The ultimate dream is a truly lucid dream.

In a lucid dream, you are aware you are dreaming whilst the dream is occurring.

And sometimes you will even have full control of your actions inside the dream world!

Many people experience short lucid dreams naturally from time to time. But lucid dreaming is also a learnable skill!

Once proficient, you can choose to fly, visit alien civilizations, practice skills, tackle phobias and examine your own fears and insecurities - all in the peace and security of your own sleeping mind.

Chinese club moss extract is a scientifically proven lucidity trigger.

Claridream PRO will dramatically increase your chances of having a lucid dream.

And when used in conjunction with Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, it's a virtual guarantee.

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